Make Money

Easy Ways To Make Money As A Student

As a student, you’ll always be on a budget. It’s hard to keep up with your bills with your part-time job and your student loans. If you’re struggling, there are lots of ways you can make a little extra cash on the side. Here are some ways you can make some money in your spare time.

Take Surveys

There are lots of survey sites online, looking for people to answer questions about all kinds of things. You may be asked to watch an advert or answer questions about your living situation. If you have a few minutes every day, you can use them answering surveys and making a little cash. These can build up quickly, and you can be paid in several ways such as PayPal credit or Amazon vouchers.

Sell Your Old School Books

College textbooks are hugely expensive, and many students are always looking for bargains on them. If you have a book hanging around that you no longer need, you could make some money and sell it on. Try putting it on eBay or Amazon, and see what that old book can bring in for you.

Rent Out Your Parking Space

Do you live in accommodation with a parking space, but don’t own a car? Then you can make money off that car parking space. You’ll find lots of sites online that allow you to rent your car parking space out, to those who may need it. This is great if you live in a high traffic area that has little parking. That parking space could be in high demand.

Clear Out Your Bedroom

There’s got to be plenty of things in your bedroom that you need to get rid of. For example, are there clothes in your wardrobe that you haven’t worn in ages, or CDs and DVDs that are gathering dust on your shelves? Have a good clearout, and put up anything you no longer want on eBay. You’ll be surprised at how much money this can bring in.

Pet Walking

If you’re a dog lover, this is the job for you. You can gather up several dogs at once and take them out for a walk, to maximize your profits. You make some cash, get some exercise in the fresh air, and get to play with cute dogs. What could be better?

Take Part In Experiments

If your college has science students on campus, they’ll often need students to come to take part in experiments. They’re always safe, and they’ll pay you for your time. Keep an eye out for adverts when you’re at college, as they’ll be asking for people to get involved. It’s one of the easiest ways to make money when you’re at college.

These are just a few ways in which you can make money on the side while you’re at university. You won’t have to spend a lot of time on this endeavors, and you can save up all that cash for a rainy day. Give some of them a try.